Meet Jenny Sharma – Natan's Nepalese representative and psychosocial coordinator

Jenny Sharma is a Nepalese social worker with over 10 years of development experience, working mostly with vulnerable women and children.  Jenny has been invaluable in helping Natan coordinate with local organizations and community leaders, organizing Natan’s psychosocial work in Sindupalchowk, one of the areas most affected by the earthquake, with most of the houses and 98% of schools were almost or totally destroyed.

With Jenny’s help, Natan and partner NGOs ran seminars led by experts in post-trauma rehabilitation, who trained local teams of educators and community leaders in trauma and education, psychological first aid and dealing with trauma through sport. The unique model of aid that Natan’s experts have developed through working in a number of disaster-hit areas, not only allows people to return to a daily pattern of life, but also shows them that it is possible to move on and grow from a crisis.

Sharada Pr. Sapkota, principal of Rajeshwori Higher Secondary school in Shipapokhare told us that after the earthquake, all the children, parents and teacher were in shock, and the team thought that the children wouldn’t return to school. “But due to the training and the willingness of teachers to help and share their knowledge after the training they received from Natan”, says the principal, “almost all our children were back to school”.

One of the participants of the training recalls that “we were very scared. Everyone had difficulties sleeping and eating. I kept thinking that there will be another big quake and we will be killed, so there was no motivation to do anything. But after getting experience with different approaches like drama, counselling and dancing, I think it will be easier for community members to get on with rebuilding our lives.”