Natan- International Humanitarian Aid is as a network of Israeli humanitarian disaster relief organizations and civil society organizations working together to assist communities facing humanitarian crisis and disasters.

 Natan's current mission is  providing education, medical aid, psycho-social assistance and community action to some of the thousands of refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran who have been flowing into Europe from different points on the globe. 

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Natan has incorporated among its volunteers both Israeli Jews and Arabs in its medical and psychosocial teams, a unique combination among all participating NGO's which enhances Natan's ability to make a difference and to aid thousands of refugees.

Our Vision

NIHA seeks to become the unified address - a one stop shop – for Israeli and Jewish organizations in time of humanitarian crisis. 

We seek to improve the professional level of the Israeli relief operations by creating a wide network of trained volunteers and experts, used to work together.

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