Preparing for the Next Disaster

When a disaster strikes, it is vital that we are able to deploy professionals in the shortest possible time. Natan aims to have a cadre of well- trained and qualified volunteers who are willing to dispatch to an emergency zone at times of crisis.

Together with our partner SID-Israel, Natan organized a short and intensive training course for professionals interested in volunteering in disaster relief on the topic ‘Principles for Responsible Deployment to an Emergency Zone’

Together with SID-Israel, our closest partner at home, we ran a short and intensive training course for professionals aiming to volunteer in disaster relief. The demand to participate in the course was overwhelming, and from over 120 applicants we selected just over 50 participants. All the participants are from relevant professional fields, most of them with international experience.

The course used Nepal as a case study for working in disaster zones, focusing on humanitarian practices, managing humanitarian projects and the unique conditions of disaster zones.

The training will allow Natan’s volunteers to be more effective in the field, and has expanded our database of potential volunteers for current and future operations.