Natan- International Humanitarian Aid is as a network of Israeli humanitarian disaster relief organizations and civil society organizations working together to assist communities facing humanitarian crisis and disasters.



NIHA believes in volunteering as the strongest expression of commitment and therefore relies on bringing together and coordinating non-profit organizations based on volunteers. 

NIHA is comprised of the best Israeli knowledge, expertise, and experience in the humanitarian aid field in cooperation with educational and training institutes countrywide. 



Natan- International Humanitarian Aid members believe that the humanitarian support to other countries and communities is the most efficient and positive message that Israel and the Jewish people can promote, as proven by the impact of Israeli intervention after the natural disasters in the last decade. 

NIHA aims that, in cases of humanitarian crisis, the involvement of the Israeli civil society will be coordinated. It aims for Israeli and Jewish organizations to efficiently join their efforts while each one brings its own expertise.





NIHA seeks to become the unified address - a one stop shop – for Israeli and Jewish organizations in time of humanitarian crisis. 

We seek to improve the professional level of the Israeli relief operations by creating a wide network of trained volunteers and experts, used to work together.

Areas of expertise:
Based on the experience cumulated during the last 10 years of operations, NIHA has decided to focus its activities on interventions for the individual (children, youth and adults) and for the community by all the psychosocial components: medical emergency aid, trauma and post-trauma, returning to regular life, education, and arts and community empowerment.