Restoring Dignity, Rebuilding Lives

NATAN International Humanitarian Aid, the all-volunteer, non-profit organization, provides emergency relief and recovery for both natural and man-made disasters worldwide; expert in medical, dental, psychosocial and education aid.  


Our Core Values

  • Respect and Dignity for every human being

  • Respect for the culture and values of others

  • Respect for the local environment in which the mission is deployed

Our Operating Principles

Rapid Deployment: The goal is to deploy with 48 – 72 hours of an event.

Participatory: Intervention is planned and implemented together with the community, to meet the desires and needs of the local population.

Collaborative Capacity Building: Intervention is executed in cooperation with local aid organizations, in coordination with the UN and international NGO's.

Holistic Approach: Intervention is carried out by multi-disciplinary teams working together in a holistic approach.  


Our Vision

Over the 15 years of operations, we have branched out – from the dedication to short-term disaster relief in our early years, to the longer-term community recovery and resilience projects that we’ve been engaged in since, especially in our work with refugees. The old lines which once divided Emergency Disaster Relief from International Development projects have become blurred over recent years, as relief organizations move into long-term sustainable programs.