NATAN invests time, resources and effort to keep our volunteers‘ skills up to date. We provide training courses in Israel about all aspects of humanitarian aid: Medical Aid, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH), Operational Logistics and Psychological Aid such as Trauma and Resilience Training. Both at home and abroad, we provide Train the Trainer sessions to partners and volunteers of local and international organizations. We are proud to share our knowledge, expertise and techniques, proven in the field over 15 years of operations.

Knowledge Lasts Forever


Volunteer Training in Israel

With a pool of over 700 volunteers ready to deploy, one challenge is keeping everyone’s skills up to date. In the past year, NATAN has invested effort and resources in training our volunteers. Over 100 participants took part in the course "Psychological First Aid for first responders" presented by Dr. Moshe Farchi of Tel Hai College. In addition, a 4-part training series was offered: Introduction to Humanitarian Aid, in collaboration with The Israeli School of International Humanitarian Action. The 4 sessions covered: Introduction to Humanitarian Aid; Assessing Needs, Mapping Actors and Threats; Water, Sanitation & Hygiene - WASH; and Providing Medical Aid in Disaster Areas.

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Train the Trainer in the Field

When NATAN teams arrive on the scene following natural or man-made disasters, often the other volunteers there are from small local or international NGOs. Our NATAN volunteers are often the most experienced in disaster relief operations. We readily share our knowledge, expertise and techniques with our peers. NATAN provides Trauma and Resilience Training, Logistics and Operational know-how, health and hygiene training and training in first aid. The volunteers we trained have told us that the skills we taught them stay with them for the long-term, helping them to do their work and cope day to day. Thus our motto: Knowledge Lasts Forever.

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Academic Partnerships

NATAN has partnered with several academic institutions at home and abroad. We present joint programs to provide academic training in fields related to humanitarian aid. Our most recent collaboration is with the Pedagogic University of Mozambique at Beira, where we initiated a program to teach the latest techniques in trauma and resilience care to students and faculty of social work and education. Our long-standing partnerships include: The Israeli School of International Humanitarian Action and Tel Hai College. NATAN is a member of the National Knowledge and Research Center for Emergency Readiness, a consortium of leading academic institutions and governmental agencies. Other partnerships have included: Tel Aviv University, Sapir College and Technion Institute of Technology.

In Mozambique a unique collaboration was formed with the Pedagogic University of Beira. 16 students and 5 Faculty teachers were trained by the NATAN team on psychological first aid and community resilience. Each of the students committed to 4 months of training, mentoring and practicum and will be granted academic credits for this program, as part of their Bachelor Degree.