Getting Started: Mobile Dental Clinic Project

We are excited to be starting this important project. 
Yesterday we held the first meeting of dentists who have volunteered for the mobile dental project for refugee camps in Europe. This meeting was to learn about the organization and the mission and all its components.
The mobile dental clinic is a unique project in the international aid arena.
Over the last two years, in the various meetings with the population in the refugee camps, our organization identified the need for the basic service of hygiene and dental care, which often goes unanswered.
Natan has undertaken the task of providing a basic medical response to emergencies among the refugee population that has not been properly treated since they left their homelands for Europe in their quest for survival.

Through a generous donation, we have acquired a unique mobile dental care unit which folds into one compact case and is packed in a lightweight rolling suitcase. 
We are proud and excited, together with our partners Cadena and Alpha Omega, to start this project with an impressive mobile dental clinic that includes all the equipment required for proper, safe and dignified care. We are proud of this wonderful group of over 30 dedicated Israeli volunteer dentists: Jews and Arabs who are now beginning this important and unique humanitarian mission.
Wishing everyone good luck - We are setting off now!