Volunteering and Professionalism

Volunteering and Professionalism

Committed to the Volunteers’ professionalism , NATAN organizes regularly training sessions focused on the running field operations. In the last year, together with SID-ISRAEL and under its auspices, four trainings for a total of some 120 trainees have prepared the volunteers for future missions. As part of this effort, we are glad to be part of a new structure: 

The School for Humanitarian Aid was established at the Kibbutz Seminar within the framework of the Institute for Field Studies.

This school was designed to meet the training needs of professional aid workers; to create standards in the area of humanitarian aid in Israel, while meeting international standards, using the knowledge and experience accumulated by the Israeli aid organizations, to leverage Israeli humanitarian activity within the country and abroad. This institute is the first in Israel, completely dedicated to International Humanitarian Aid, under the auspices of an Academic institution.

NATAN is a strategic partner in establishing and operating this school on the basis of identification with the school's values and professional partnership.

Generations of NATAN volunteers comprise a significant number of the lecturers in the school, which is headed by Einav Levy, a NATAN’s  board member.

Following a first course on general humanitarian practice and another on the legal international aspects of the humanitarian involvement, the School is launching a course for aid delegation leaders, in partnership with NATAN .

The course is designed for people with managerial international experience , among them, seven of NATAN’s missions’ leaders, experienced volunteers who led delegations in the field, are participating. Natan contributes to their course’s tuition.

A trained leader is a key factor in the success of a mission; he is responsible of the team of volunteers and their own well-being,, their security, the relations with the local partner, the authorities, the International organizations on site, the relations with his organization’s HQ, and much more.