Facing Nepal: The Second Delegation Leaves for the Field

After days of hard work, the second Natan delegation has left for Nepal. The delegation is comprised of personnel who are highly experienced in the emergency relief and post-trauma fields and include:

  • 2 doctors – Dr. Sarah Sigalat and Dr. Yaron Assaf
  • 1 emergency nurse - Mrs. Adi Ramot
  • 1 obstetrics nurse - Mrs. Irit Dotan
  • 2 logistics experts - Mrs Shlomit Leibovitch and Mr. Gil Reines
  • 1 journalist - Ms. Tamar Dressler

The team have joined forces with Tevel b’Tzedek, an Israeli NGO with a long history of community development in Nepal, who already have a dedicated team on the ground. We believe that this strategic partnership will enable us to deliver the most effective assistance to the affected population, with the Natan team benefitting from Tevel’s local expertise and Tevel’s team learning from Natan’s experience of disaster relief.

We are always amazed by anyone who leaves their lives at a moment’s notice to help others in need around the world, and wish the whole team the very best of luck!