Facing Nepal: Reaching the Villages


Many of the roads leading to the villages which were most devastated were badly damaged and it has been difficult to reach some of these areas. Nevertheless, our team managed to reach a village with 4000 inhabitants approximately 3 hours drive away from Kathmandu, and begun surveying the damage. Most of the houses in these villages are made from bricks, and many fell apart during the earthquake.

Most of the people they met told them they were in desperate need of shelter from the elements, and of the overwhelming smell of bodies buried beneath the rubble. The locals had already started building makeshift shelters from local bamboo and nylon, and provided one of these shelters for Sharon and Dalia to use as a clinic. Within the first day the doctors had already treated 100 people, with most of the injuries from infected wounds, lung infections and upper respiratory system infections.

We wish Sharon and Dalia the best of luck!

Photo courtesy of http://hashaulim.blogspot.co.il/