Facing Nepal: Preparing the Second Delegation

While Dr. Sharon Shaul and Dr. Dalya are doing amazing work on the ground in Nepal, the rest of the Natan team in Israel are busy preparing the next delegation. This second delegation is to be made up of 2 teams – one of medical professionals and one of logistics specialists who will both support the medical team and plan Natan’s further involvement in the region. This delegation has been expertly supported by a dedicated team of volunteers in Israel who are helping to plan and execute the delegation, and received in-depth training by a specialist in the Nepalese terrain and culture. At the same time our team managed to recruit donations of supplies from Rotary Israel, especially medical equipment which will be invaluable in helping this injured  in the field.

We are always in need of more volunteers to support this operation – logisticians, PR people, volunteer recruiters, fundraisers and more. If you can help please contact Natan at info@natan-iha.org or through the contact form on this site.