Facing Nepal: Another Earthquake Hits

For a few seconds the ground shook. Only a few seconds but for those who had experienced an earthquake just over two weeks ago it felt like an eternity.

The damage caused by today's earthquake and the subsequent aftershocks is still not fully known, but there was widespread damage, with at least 40 people reported killed

We are hugely relieved to report that despite the temporary communications breakdown we were able to hear from the Natan and Tevel B'tzedek teams who were all scared but safe.

In addition to the physical dangers, the mental damage and trauma experienced by the locals was evident to our team. "All around me people were screaming, crying and trying to escape" said Tamar Dressler, a journalist and member of our second delegation who was in a mountain village when the earthquake hit. "One woman was sure she was going to die... And all I had to comfort her with was a bottle of water".

Today's second earthquake has meant the needs of the local communities are even more pressing. Our medical team are still out in the villages, providing medical aid to an ever growing number of casualties. We will update shortly.

"Despite the chaos, the locals were comforted by the fact that we weren't going to leave. That despite the dangerous and difficult circumstances we were going to stay and help in whatever way we can", said Dressler.

Our thoughts are with our teams in the field and of course the people of Nepal who are experiencing their second major earthquake in less than three weeks. Stay safe!