Facing Nepal: Building Local Partnerships

Together with our partner Tevel B’tzedek, Dr. Ronen Assaf and emergency nurse Adi Ramot have set up a clinic in a makeshift tent community in Kathmandu. The team treated over 90 patients suffering from various ailments and injuries, most resulting from injuries that were left untreated following the earthquake.

In the meantime, other Natan members visited Kathmandu’s ancient quarter Durbar which was devastated by the quake. While Kathmandu did not suffer as much damage as the surrounding villages, many houses were seriously damaged, with thousands left homeless. Throughout the city people can be seen still sitting on the rubble of what was once their house, trying to deal with the loss, wandering how they can move on.

One such person is Katina, a local human rights activist who, together with her family, which includes  her 93 year old mother, are sleeping in the skeleton of what used to be their house. Katina is scared for the family’s future, worried about where they’re going to live. But she’s also a fighter and trained in post-earthquake recovery, and we are sure we will hugely benefit from her local expertise.