NATAN International Humanitarian Aid  has aspired over years of activity to fulfill fundamental values of respect for the individual to life, pursuit of liberty, the right to a secure life, food and shelter and freedom of expression.  Abie Nathan, an iconic Israeli humanitarian , provided the inspiration to the organization that bears his name,  providing humanitarian assistance to any individual in need, in Israel or throughout the world. Experienced by the many security events in Israel, NATAN has developed a specific know-how in psychosocial approach to population in stress or trauma.

NATAN's resume includes some of the major disaster zones in the last half of the twentieth century since 1968 when Abie Nathan established the fund for the children of Biafra.  NATAN is an all-volunteer organization, independent of any governmental or religious institution.  Our missions in the field are exclusively composed of credentialed professionals volunteering to share their experience and skills.  NATAN currently has a roster of over 500 professional volunteers who have been vetted and interviewed, many of whom are ready and available for immediate deployment abroad based on emergent needs. NATAN depends solely on contributions from individuals and/or non-governmental organizations. Our operations are funded on an ad-hoc basis, based on the changing needs and emergent situations. 

NATAN works to catalyze capabilities, resources and areas of expertise by organizations and individuals by utilizing the relative advantages of Israel as a center of knowledge and experience in emergency relief.   Among the members and founders of Natan are several individuals and organizations who have been involved over many years in humanitarian aid operations throughout the world.

Over the last 14 years NATAN has been active in disaster areas including Sir Lanka after the Tsunami, Georgia after the war with Russia, Haiti after its catastrophic earthquake, the Philippines following typhoon Yolanda, following the devastating earthquake in Nepal and working with refugees in recent years. In these areas of disaster Natan sent out tens of missions involved with medical aid, psychological support, community resilience development and established the basis for future cooperation with international organizations.  

Natan has provided primary medical care to those in need as well as psychosocial training , all provided by volunteer Israeli doctors, medical personnel, social workers and psychologists.  As a rule Natan works with other NGOs, local and foreign, with the philosophy of "capacity building" as a major tenant to its raison d'etre.